This vintage real photo postcard a portrait of an attractive young woman. She is wearing a necklace as well as antique eyeglasses. Note that the glasses have no temples, reflective of the popular style in the early twentieth century. This photograph was taken in 1914, revealed by the inscription on the image.  (SOLD)

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  1. “To the sweetest dream of my life
    yours always, ”

    Velia, Zelia??

    • Thanks so much for the translation. It is a sweet inscription.

  2. I don’t know. I’ll take your word for it that its 1914, and a very good one, but it still wreaks ‘retro’ picture to me. In a nutshell inscriptions can be erroneous or even worse yet fake. Her stare is too modern IMHo. Retro photographers and photoshop people are just getting good at their game. I’m always encountering ie celeb pictures on ebay (or flickr) with the wrong name scribbled on the flip side revealing obviously that the seller didn’t know who the person was.

  3. There are many factors within this photograph that makes it consistent with the 1914 date. The womans clothing, eye glasses, and the style and lighting of the photograph all increase my confidence that the photo is truely from 1914. In addition, most of the fake photographs I have encountered are either of celebrities, or rare and collectible subjects (ie Native Americans). Celebrities and higly collectible photographs have more value than anonymous, or “ordinary” men, women, and children. This photograph reminds me of the photographs taken by Florencio Bixio, an excellent photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He operated a studio from around 1900 through 1930.

  4. Beautiful post.

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