This carte de visite portrait features a football player who played on the 1913 team of St. Paul’s school. The school was located in Concord, New Hampshire.The player is identified on the reverse of the image as “Oly Goodrich”. He was the center of the team. The inscription on the reverse of the image also reports that St. Paul’s beat Trinity with a game score of 13 to 0. This photograph was taken by W.G.C. Kimball (1843-1916) or Howard A. Kimball (1865-1929). In fact the Kimball clan produced several more photographers in the area. The Kimball studio was located in Concord, New Hampshire. This cdv photograph is signed by Oly Goodrich. St. Paul’s School (SPS) is a very selective college prep boarding school. It is considered one of the finest boarding schools in the US. The school was founded in 1856 to educate boys from Upper-class families. It later admitted girls and a more diverse student population. The school exists today and has about 530 students.  SOLD

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