Black Man in Chicago


This distinguished looking black gentleman posed for this photograph at the studio of Huszagh in Chicago, Illinois. Check out the interesting backdrop and props. Note the pattern on the curtain and how his right hand is resting next to a pair of gloves on what seems to be a fur covered table. Do you think that this well dressed gentleman is wearing his best suit or, judging by his attire, do you think he may be a member of the clergy? Let me know your opinion.


Black Woman in Saratoga, New York


This is a terrific photograph of a young black woman taken by the studio of Record & Epler in Saratoga, New York.  Quality Cabinet card photographs of blacks are not easily found because there were not many produced at that time  in history. The Record & Epler studio is well known for their many stereographs and photographs of the grand hotels of Saratoga. It is also noted that the studio took a number of photographs of the Black employees of these hotels. To view other photographs from this studio, click on category “Photographer: Record & Epler”. This attractive woman is very nicely dressed and coiffed. Her face is very expressive. Judging by her facial expression, how do you think she is feeling as she sits for this wonderful photograph? Your comments are welcome.