This terrific vintage photograph exudes warmth and friendship. These guys look like buddies. They seem to be quite happy to have an opportunity to have their friendship preserved in a photograph. During the cabinet card era men were more comfortable with physical displays of affection between them. At least it appears that way after viewing many cabinet card portraits of pairs and groups of young men. The young men in this portrait appear quite self-confident and charismatic. The photographer that produced this image is either Carl or Christian (Christopher) Raven (1854-?). Both men are listed as photographers in Ashland County, Wisconsin. According to one source, Carl operated a studio between 1905 and 1906 while Christian worked as a photographer between 1897 and 1908. Christian was born in Germany, immigrated to the United States in 1867 and was married to Lizzie Raven. Whichever Mr. Raven took this photograph, he certainly had an eye for creating a spirited image.

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