A pretty teenage girl poses for her portrait at the E. C.Grant studio in Lamar, Missouri. She is posed as if she is deep in thought. She is well attired and her dress is quite ruffled. The girl is wearing a bracelet on each wrist and is also wearing a ring. Her name is inscribed on the reverse of the  photograph (see below). I believe her first name is Emma but I can not decipher the rest of her name and any help on this endeavor from Cabinet Card Gallery visitors would be welcomed. The photographer of this image is Ezra C Grant (1848-1894). Research revealed that at one time, the address of his studio was “Northwest Corner Square” in Lamar. A book entitled Truman’s Birthplace: Lamar, Missouri, reports that Gustavus Seyffert, the first cousin of the German composer, Richard Wagner, organized the community’s first uniformed band in 1889 and E. C. Grant was one of the players. Ezra Grant died while still a young man and is buried in Lake Cemetery in Lamar Heights. His wife took over his photography business. Belle Grant (1853-?) is listed in the 1900 and the 1910 census as working as a photographer in Lamar. In the earlier census she was residing with her eleven year old son in Lamar.  This image has great clarity. Be sure to note the scalloped edges that border the cabinet card.  SOLD

bracelets 1