EERIE IN ERIEI wanted to utilize a headline for this entry that stated “Eerie Child in Erie” but this child is too adorable to be described as “eerie”. What a shame! It would have been a clever headline. This photograph captures a well dressed child with long rolls of curls and a terrific smile. I believe the child is a boy and he is holding what appears to be a walking stick or a riding crop. This cute child is wearing a short suit and high topped shoes. The photographer is F. J. Weber who operated photography studios from the 1870’s to at least through the 1890’s in Erie. During part of that time, Weber’s firm was called F. J. Weber& Brother. His brother’s name was Charles H. Weber. In their book “The Photographic Experience 1839-1914: Images and Attitudes” (1994), Henisch and Henisch cite Weber & Brother as having a warning printed on the reverse of their CDVs which cautioned people not to use fly-by-night photographers. The warning stated “Do not trust your pictures to be copied by travelling photographer bummers who make great promises and generally deliver very poor work”.

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