This photograph captures a fraternal organization member wearing an organizational hat and pin. Note the tassel on the hat and the man’s wonderful mustache.  The hat has lettering on it which appears to say “Saladin”. The Saladin Shrine Center is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was established in 1886 and has, like many such fraternal organization of that time, a Middle Eastern theme. Saladin was a warrior and Sultan of Egypt and Syria. He lived between 1138 and 1193. He was known for his soldiering, chivalry, courageousness, piety, acts of mercy, and kindness to the poor. The organization became very popular. By 1893, the fraternal group had 661 members. This photograph has been trimmed for framing and as a result, the name of the photographer and the location of his studio is unknown.


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Fraternal Organization Member in Great Britain


Interesting Cabinet card photograph of a member of a Fraternal Organization. He is wearing very elaborate garb which is captured well by the photographer. Is this distinguished looking man a member of a Masonic group?  I would appreciate information from anyone who can supply me with this gentleman’s affiliation. The photographer is Wolstenholme of BlackPool and Middleton, England.

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