doraine   POSTCARD 1  (SOLD)

doraine 1                                                         POSTCARD 1   (SOLD)

loraine                                   POSTCARD 2     

loraine 1                                                             POSTCARD 2                                                                

The pretty young woman featured in this risque vintage real photo postcard (Postcard 1) is Hungarian actress, Lucy Doraine (1898-1989). She began her film career shortly after her teenage years. Her mentor was Hungarian director, Michel Curtiz. He was also the first of four husbands. The pair worked together for about five years in Budapest and Vienna. They had gone to Vienna in 1919 to flee the political and military morass in Hungary. Doraine remained a European film star until 1927. Eventually, Doraine left for Hollywood, but her career did not take off. She was confined to playing supporting roles and she was young for this loss of starring roles to occur (about 30 years of age). She retired from her film career in 1933, but remained in the United States. The IMDb lists her as having 31 acting credits between 1916 and 1931.This postcard is of German origin and was published by Ross Verlag as part of a series (no.572/2). The postcard was published between 1919 and 1924. The photograph was a publicity still for her appearance in Sodom and Gomorrah (1922), The youtube video below shows Lucy Doraine appearing in a 1922 film. The stamp box of this postcard has an interesting story. “NBC” (Neue Bromsilber Convention) was a price cartel established in 1909 that continued until the 1930’s. The purpose of the cartel was to ensure that the minimum price charged for postcards was kept at a sufficiently profitable level. A number of postcard publishing companies joined the cartel in an effort to stave off the effect of competition on the pricing of postcards. This real photo postcard portrait is in very good condition (see scans).                                                                                                                               Lucy Doraine is also the subject of postcard 2. Once again Miss Doraine is adorned with an elaborate and large feathered head piece. Apparently, she was quite showy. This postcard was published by Ross Verlag and was part of a series (no. 3438/1). Doraine’s photograph was taken by Alex Binder who practiced his profession in Berlin, Germany.  A number of actress portrait postcards by Binder can be found in the Cabinet Card Gallery. To view those images, place his name in the site’s search box. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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doraine 2            POSTCARD 1   (SOLD)

loraine 2POSTCARD 2