This vintage real photo postcard features a young woman posing in her winter jacket and her fur stole. Her winterized clothing also includes a cute hat and a giant muff. The fur muff will certainly keep her hands warm. In fact, these muffs are so large that they could probably keep three of her friends hands warm too. The woman in this photo, in my opinion, appears to be black or mulatto. This postcard was photographed by the USA studios which was located in London and the Provinces. USA Studios  was a firm established in England during the Edwardian period. It was established in around 1907. The firms focus was portrait photography. The company was also known as the American Photographic Company. The firm was started by either photographer John Harry Woolfe (1880-1942) or by his parents, Henry Wolfe (1852-1927)  and Mrs Fanny Wolfe (1854-?). John Harry Wolfe”s younger brother, William Swift Woolfe (1893-?), also became a photographer. John Harry became a photographer in the early 1900’s and bought an established London studio in 1907. The studios were very successful during World War I. The studios were all managed by Wolfe family members until World War II. John Harry’s mother, Mrs Fanny Woolfe, was listed as the proprietor of some of the USA studios. A list of the company’s studios indicates that there were at different times, fourteen studios in London and it’s nearby towns. These studios operated between 1907 and 1919. There were thirteen studios in the provinces and they were in operation cumulatively between 1907 and 1969. This vintage postcard is in very good condition.

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This vintage photograph features a mother pulling her daughter in a wooden wagon. The photograph appears to have been taken during the winter. The child is bundled in a heavy coat and has her hand protected from the cold by a fur muff. She is sitting on a heavy blanket. Mom is also prepared for winter. She is wearing a long dress and is accessorized with a fur scarf and she has fur cuffs on her sleeves. This photographed was purchased from a collector in England. A sticker on the reverse of the photo indicates the photographer’s name. His name is Oscar Hurt, though I am not certain about the accuracy of his last name since the writing is difficult to decipher. This photograph measures about 4 1/2 x 6 1/4.   (SOLD)

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A pretty woman wearing a mink stole over her long winter coat, poses for photographer Walter E. Chickering in his Boston, Massachusetts studio. The woman is wearing a nice winter hat and is holding a fur muff. She is also wearing gloves. Note the pom pom’s on the front of the stole. Advertising on the reverse of the cabinet card reminds the public that “Walter E. Chickering is the original photographer of that name”. To view photographs by both of the Chickerings (Walter and Elmer), click on the category “Photographer: Chickering, W.”.

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This cabinet card is a portrait of a pretty young woman dressed in winter clothing. Her heavy coat is trimmed with fur and she appears to be wearing a fur hat and leather gloves. The woman can access additional warmth from her fur muff. She is clearly ready for a cold New York winter. The photographic studio that produced this image is Vail Brothers, of Poughkeepsie, New York. Vassar College library’s archive possesses two photographic albums from the photographers. The collection includes photographs of Vassar and Poughkeepsie. Vail Brothers began their studio in 1868 and it was still in existence at least until 1895. The studio is also known for their photographs of a number of the members of the Roosevelt family, including Franklin Roosevelt during his childhood years.