This vintage advertising postcard was published for “The Prudential Insurance Company”. The firm’s home office was in Newark, New Jersey. The company started in Newark in 1875 and only had one product, burial insurance. It’s founder, John F. Dryden, became a US Senator. This postcard delivers the message that Prudential’s customers and non-customers were were eligible to receive, free-of-charge, 8″ x 10″ calendars for 1910. The illustration on the front of this postcard shows a little girl and her small dog. The child is blowing bubbles from a bowl of soapy water that sits between her and her dog. This postcard has a Canadian stamp and a 1909 postmark from Peterboro, Ontario, Canada. Peterboro is located 78 miles northeast of Toronto, and was once known as “The Electric City”, because it was the first town in Canada to utilize electric streetlights. The postcard was mailed on December 28th, just a few days before the New Year. This vintage postcard is in good condition (see scans).

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This vintage real photo postcard features what may be some photographer’s fantasy. Nothing beats having a bottle of champagne and a pretty young lady chilling on ice. I doubt that many men have actually ever had such a thought. If I was a psychologist, which in fact I am, I might be thinking that the bottle of champagne is a perfect example of a phallic symbol. I wonder if the photographer realized he had created a subliminal sexually charged image when he took this photograph. I’m not sure how to interpret the spider web in the background. If you haven’t noticed, this postcard is celebrating a New Year. The reverse of the card shows a postmark from Brussels, Belgium and indicates the date was December 31st, between 1918 and 1919.  The stamp on the postcard is also from Belgium.

champagne 1

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