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This photograph appears to be a family portrait judging by the family resemblance seen among the subjects. There is something very special about this image. Each of the four subjects have a very striking appearance. The young woman, furthest on the right side of the image, is especially beautiful. She has piercing eyes and seems to have troubling thoughts. This photograph has an abundance of personality. I am uncertain about where the photograph originates from. Reading the name of the photographer which is embossed on the bottom right hand corner of the mat, suggests that this is a Russian photograph. However, I have a major deficit in recognizing foreign languages, and this image could be from one of many other places in eastern Europe. This vintage photograph has soft corners. The photo measures about 7 1/2 x 5 7/8″ is in overall good condition (see scans).

ADDENDUM: I have received feedback from a few readers of Russian about this photograph. There appears to be agreement that the embossed logo advertising the photographer’s studio reveals that the photograph was taken in the city of Tiflis, which became Tbilisi (the capital city of then nation of Georgia). There is also consensus that the photographers name is P. Kosloff or P. A. Kozlov.

ADDENDUM !!: I received the following message about this photograph on 5/4/23. The commenter saw the photo on another site. “the picture was taken very likely before 1917, because Koslov is written in old Russian orthography. There was no independent Georgia at that time, as Tiflis was Partner the Russian empire. And the family looks Armenian.”

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This cabinet card features ten beautiful young children posed together for what is likely a portrait of an extended family. The children are well dressed for their visit to the photographer. Two of the boys are holding their baby sibling in position for the photograph. Note that the baby on the left is holding a stuffed animal, possibly a teddy bear. The photographer of this image is A. Steiker whose studio was located in Moscow, during the time of Imperial Russia. This cabinet card portrait is in good condition (see scans).    

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This vintage postcard features Russian writer and playwright, Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev (1878-1927). I originally thought this was a portrait of Russian playwright and short story writer, Anton Chekhov. A visitor to this site corrected my faulty identification. A contributor to my mistake is that Artsybashev and Chekhov look amazingly alike. Artsybashev was a major advocate of the literary style of naturalism. He was a daring writer. He was expelled from St. Petersburg for participating in a demonstration (1901). He had a number of his works censored. Some of his work were considered scandalous and obscene. They were banned in Russia as well as in other countries. In 1923, after the Russian Revolution, Artsybashev emigrated to Poland. This vintage postcard is in very good condition (see scans). (SOLD)

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This vintage photograph features a pretty Russian school girl wearing her uniform. She has a terrific smile and beautiful eyes. The photo appears to be from the 1970’s. This lovely portrait is on cardboard-like paper. It measures about 7″ x 9 1/2″ and is in very good condition. (SOLD)

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This vintage real photo postcard features Miss Tatyana Maslova photographed while she was participating in the 1933 Miss Europe Contest. She was representing Russia. Her entry into the Miss Russia pageant was in a roundabout way. A journalist from Vilnius, Tayana’s hometown, had entered her in the contest. Along with her photo, the reporter wrote a message stating that Tatyana was the “daughter of a Black Sea Fleet officer who was shot during the Civil War in the south of Russia”. The writer also added that Tatyana  was nineteen years of age, fluent in five languages, and “represents the image of the classical Russian beauty”. After winning the Miss Russia title, she went on to the Miss Europe contest in Madrid, Spain, where she was crowned Miss Europe. Tatyana won a trip to Portugal for her victory. She participated in a film in Warsaw and than returned to Vilna where she lived a modest life. Not much is known about her life after winning the Miss Europe contest; though the consensus is that she died at an early age. This postcard was published by well known and acclaimed photographer, Alfred Noyer. His Paris studio operated between 1910 and the 1940’s. Many of the postcards he produced featured nudes or risque images. This postcard was part of the Miss Europa series (no. 13G).  (SOLD)


national costume This vintage real photo postcard features two pretty women wearing their national costume. The portrait offers more questions than answers. What country does this attire represent? Slovakia? Russia? Is the woman in the lighter colored dress, a bride? Hopefully, a visitor to the Cabinet Card Gallery, will offer the answer to these questions. At the very least, maybe a visitor will be able to make an educated guess in regard to the women’s nationality. This photo postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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This cabinet card features three children, likely siblings, posing for their portrait at a photographic gallery in Polotsk, Belarus. The young girl in the photograph is holding a ball held inside netting. Perhaps a visitor to the cabinet card gallery can provide more details about this toy. The previous owner of this cabinet card is from St. Petersburg, Russia. He has provided the photographers location, as well as the photographers name, Bernstein. He also contends that the way that the subjects are dressed in this image, indicates that they are scouts. In addition, the previous owner also asserts that the photographer of this image was Jewish. In fact, research reveals that the population of Polotsk in 1897 was over 20,000, and more than half of those residents were Jewish. There was a strong Orthodox Jewish community there.  The “Jewish Virtual Library” indicates that in the late nineteenth century, the city became embroiled in anti-Jewish agitation.


Three children are photographed in a garden, in this cabinet portrait by an unknown photographer somewhere in Imperial Russia. The nicely dressed kids are adorable. One boy is holding a rake while the other is holding a shovel. The boy with the shovel is wearing a military hat while the girl is more practical, wearing a sun hat.

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This Cabinet card featuring a well dressed couple, offers a bit of mystery. The last owner of this card states that this couple are “Brody Yiddish Singers”. So what does that mean? First of all, Brody is a city in Lviv Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. The city was a crossroads and jewish trade center in the 19th century. Brody is considered to be Shtetls,  Brodersanger, Purim, Jewish theater, CzarAlexander III, Berl Margulis, Berl Broder, one of the “shtetls”. The city was famous for the Brodersanger or Broder singers who were among the first Jews to publicly perform Yiddish songs outside of Purim (a holiday) and wedding celebrations. These performers were the precursors of jewish theater. Due to anti Jewish regulation enacted in 1882 by Czar Alexander III of Russia and the resulting exodus of Russian Jews; throughout 1881 hundreds of Jewish immigrants arrived in Brody daily. The most famous Broder singer was Berl Margulis also known as Berl Broder (1815  -1868). It is not certain that this cabinet card really depicts Broder singers and no evidence is available to support the claim , but it is not unusual for families to pass down such information over generations and  there is a reasonable chance that the history is correct and the story is worth telling. The photographer of this cabinet card is Buscdorf.


jew-family-in-minsk_0001This Cabinet card comes from the estate of a Jewish family.  The photograph is an image of a Jewish family in Minsk, Russia.  The parents and children are dressed up nicely for their visit to the photographers studio. Note the footwear and the young boy’s hat.

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