COMATOSE DANCER_0004This cabinet card portrait seems to capture  dance partners  preparing to participate in an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”. A quick assessment reveals that they need to work toward looking more relaxed and natural. This image comes from the studio of T. G. Zunker in Hartford, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee city directory listed Zunker as a photographer in their issues of 1897 through 1899.  Hartford and Milwaukee are 39 miles apart. According to the historical photography web site Langdon Road, Theodore Zunker operated his photographic business in Hartford from 1900 through 1915.  The reverse of the card has an inscription that states “Fond Du Lac” which is a city 37 miles from Hartford. There is also a humorous comment written on the back of the photograph. The message states “When you get your man, hang on to him”. It seems that everyone becomes a comedian when they see this image. This cabinet card definitely begs for a humorous caption.

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