A gentleman poses for his portrait in the full uniform of his fraternal organization. The name of his fraternal organization is unknown to me but hopefully a visitor to this image will be able to identify it. I am sure that the crossed canes (which aren’t likely really canes) on the sash and jacket sleeves will be the major clue in accurate identification of the group. The uniform’s hat has a feather and I wonder if that is a tassel we see over his left shoulder or if it’s a turn of the century mullet. Note the man’s belt buckle and sword. The sword has an elaborate handle. Legibility problems interfere with identifying the photographer who produced this portrait. It is not an infrequent occurrence when fancy script makes it impossible to identify a photographers name on a cabinet card. Sometimes one can find the photographer’s name in such circumstances by researching the studio’s address. Such a search was done in this case but it was not productive.

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  1. A member of the I.O.O.F. = International Order Of Odd Fellows.
    Check this link with explanation of symbols and a similar vintage photo with sword and plumed hat. (about 2/3 down)

  2. I was able to identify the photographer as Henry Barrett. I have old cabinet cards of ancestors with the same signature. The address was 110 E Cambridge St on my photographs. This photographer and address was located in the Cambridge newspaper from 1884.

    • Great detective work on your part. Thanks for providing the identifying information. If you are interested in photographers from Cambridge, please note that todays entry into the blog is a photograph of a little girl on a pony photographed by W. J. Nolan of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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