Take a look at this rare photograph of the tower of babble. Not exactly the picture one would imagine from the book of genesis story about the origin of multiple languages. I am very curious about how the babies that comprise this tower maintain their position. It is possible that they are strapped into their seats by a hidden metal brace. It is also possible that there someone or even a couple of people hiding behind the children holding at least some of them in place. Both these methods were used in photographing young children during this era of photography. Whatever method was employed, the photographer did an excellent job of capturing all the children while they were paying attention to the camera. Note that a least two of the babies are holding toys. This vintage photograph measures about 6 3/8″x 12″. The photographer’s name and the location of the studio are unknown. The image was purchased from an antique shop in Vancouver, Britsh Columbia, Canada.   (SOLD)

babies 2

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  1. Looks like they might be on steps. Child in back looks farther away. I see an arm holding bottom child. Funny picture!

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