R. F. Snyder of Elmira, New York produced this cabinet card photograph of a young gypsy woman. One can not be certain whether this image displays a young gypsy woman, or a young woman dressed to appear as a gypsy. She is wearing the appropriate ethnic clothing and is holding cymbals. The reverse of the photograph has a copyright date of 1889. This cabinet card does not represent good quality posing skills on the part of the photographer. The subject was photographed at too great a distance and she is consumed by the large blank expanse of the floor beneath her and the wall behind her. Ralph F. Snyder was born about 1852 in Berwick, Pennsylvania. His father, John Snyder, was a photographer. Ralph Snyder began his photography career at age 18 and soon had a studio in Scranton, Pennsylvania (1873). He also worked in Philadelphia before coming to Elmira, New York to open his gallery. His studio in Elmira was located at 116 Baldwin (1891).

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This cabinet card appears to be an image of a group of girls who are members of a cast of a school play. The girls are dressed in ethnic costumes. The girl sitting closest to the photographer is dressed beautifully in gypsy garb. Two individuals in this image appear to be adults and one may surmise that they are the teachers who are directing the show. Two of the girls are holding flowered hoops. A sign made up of leaves or vines indicate that this photograph was taken in 1883. Next to the date, two letters are hanging. The letters are either “MC” or “HC”, which may be an abbreviation of the school or group that is putting on the production. The name and location of the photographer is unknown since a prior owner of this cabinet card trimmed the edges to fit into an album or frame.

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This cabinet card captures a gypsy woman with her tambourine held above her head. She is wearing multiple bracelets and necklaces, as well as linked chains. She is wearing what appears to be a head scarf, stockings, and a very interesting cloth belt. She may be an actual gypsy, or perhaps an actress in costume. The photographer is H. M. Finley of Canandagua, New York. Canandaigua is located in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Horace M. Finley (1839-?) was born in Canandaigua and educated in local schools. After completing school he worked for his father’s photographic studio. His father, Marshall Finley, was a co author of one of the first American photography books (1849). Horace Finley worked as a photographer for many years; he was listed as an artist, or photographer, in the census’s  of 1860 through 1900. To view other photographs by Finley, click on category “Photographer: Finley”.

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gypsy-girlsThis Cabinet Card features two sweet girls dancing and playing tambourines. They appear to be gypsies and are wearing traditional ethnic clothing. The photographer is Olga and the studio is located in Oravicza, Romania.

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