This cabinet card portrait features a gentleman dressed as if he is wearing a military uniform. In reality, this serious looking man is a bowler. The pin on his hat has the letters UGSB. I was unable to identify the full name of the organization. The gentleman is wearing two pins on his jacket, one of which, shows falling bowling pins. The second pin may show a bowling ball. This cabinet card photograph is from the studio of Helmuth Schumacher. He operated his business out of Newark, New Jersey, from 1880 to after 1940. Schumacher was at the William Street address, where this photo was taken, between 1880 and 1897. SOLD

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This vintage unused blotter features pinup art by Russell Slocum. The pretty pinup is holding skis and ski poles. This is a calendar blotter from December 1938. The blotter advertises “The Combination Door Company. The firm was located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. The Combination Door Company is a fifth generation family-owned business. It was founded in 1912 and remains in business today. The publisher of this blotter is Brown & Bigelow (no.38132). The publisher was based in St. Paul, Minnesota. The blotter measures about 4″ x 9” and is in very good condition (see scans).  (SOLD)


This vintage real photo postcard is a beauty. It features a young man holding a large bow and arrow. The size of the bow indicates to me that he knows how to handle it. The bow is not a toy. One has to wonder if this young man is Native American? The feather accessory hanging on this bow is most likely to be found on the bow of a Native American archer. The man’s complexion may also be a clue to his ethnicity. This vintage postcard is in very good condition (see scans).


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This vintage real photo postcard features actress Maureen O’Sullivan (1911-1998). She is holding a ping pong paddle and standing next to a ping pong table. The Irish-American actress is best known for playing Jane in the Tarzan series of films. This postcard was published by Dutch publisher Jos-Pe. Arnhem. The card is part of a series (No. 432), and at the time this photograph was taken, O’Sullivan was under contract with Metro Goldwyn. The postcard is posted and has a Netherlands stamp. SOLD


This vintage press photo (9/15/1935) features Elon Hogsett who was a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers during the 1935 season. The caption, on the back of the photograph declares that the Tiger’s “supremacy for 1935 is virtually assured”. In fact the Tigers reached the World Series that year and Hogsett pitched in one the the games. Who was Elon Hogsett? Elon Chester “Chief” Hogsett (1903-2001) was a submarining left handed major league pitcher who played 11 seasons in the American League with Detroit (1920-1936, 1944), St. Louis Browns (1936-1937), and the Washington Senators (1938). He was known by his nickname “Chief” but he was only 1/32 a Native American (Cherokee). He stated that he received the nick name because he once had a teammate that he roomed with who was one hundred percent Native American (Kiowa). Hogsett was both a reliever and a starter during his pitching career. His career stats included a 63-87 won-loss record and a 5.02 ERA. Hogsett appeared in two World Series. This photograph is an interesting piece of baseball history. Elon Hogsett was not only an old time baseball player but he also looks the part. The photograph measures about 5″ x 7″. The photograph was once owned by Acme Newspictures of New York City and the company’s stamp appears on the reverse of the photo along with a caption. SOLD  

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This vintage real photo postcard features turban wearing strongman Said Kahouta. He was a world class wrestler and hailed from India. The photographer of this portrait is Gebr. Garloff. This postcard was mailed from Magdeberg, Germany in 1935. This postcard has phenomenal clarity and is in very good condition (see scans). Note crease in top right hand corner.

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This vintage press photo is from 1936 and features two Yale University ice hockey players. The player on the left is named Blake Shepard and his hometown was St. Paul, Minnesota. Blake played the position of left defenseman. The player on the right is identified as Edward Pillsbury who hailed from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Edward played the wing position. Both Shepard and Pillsbury played hockey only one year (1935/36) at Yale. Shepard had more success on the ice than Pillsbury. Shepard is mentioned several time in the Yale Daily News. He earned praise for his “standout” performance at defense in a game against US Olympic Team candidates (12/9/35). Shepard started a game against Clarkson (1/23/36). He scored a goal and earned an assist in a 9-2 win over Brown University (2/20/36). Review of the Yale newspaper seems to indicate that Shepard also played football and baseball there. An internet search yielded no information about Pillsbury’s collegiate hockey career, other than him being on Yale’s hockey team (35/36) roster. This vintage photograph once belonged to Brown Brothers, a major stock photo agency. It was established in 1904 and built an archive of over one million photographs and negatives. This hockey press photo has excellent clarity and is in excellent condition (see scans).

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This vintage real photo postcard features boxer Jack Walker (Leone Jacovacci). His story is fascinating. He was born in Pomba (Belgian Congo) in 1902. His father was an Italian agronomist and his mother was Congolese.  At age three, his father took him away from his mother and went to Italy where he left Jack to be raised by grandparents. Jack’s dad returned to the Congo. The child was a victim of racism in Italy so at sixteen years of age, he went to work as a “cabin boy” on a British ship. After arriving in England, he changed his name to John Douglas Walker, thinking the English name would help him be more socially accepted. He enlisted and served in the British army. Upon discharge, he learned to box in England and began his fighting career. During his boxing career he weighed about 150 pounds and his height was 5″ 10″. His final record as a fighter was 21 Wins, 22 Losses, and 5 Ties. His official record is thought to be incomplete. He began boxing in 1920 and his career ended in 1932. His fights were in Europe. He fought in England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Austria, Denmark, and Spain. He fought using Italian citizenship and became the Middleweight Champion of Europe. Despite a number of successes in the ring, Jack never was accepted in Italy the way he would have liked. The racist and fascist society did not allow him to really feel like a full Italian citizen or enjoy the fruits of his boxing successes. After ending his boxing career, he became a wrestler for a few years and moved to France. He was trapped there through World War II. His companion, Berthe Salmon, changed her last name to avoid being identified as Jewish. Berthe gave birth to their only child, a daughter. Post war, he worked for the United Nations and assisted refugees. Later he was employed as a bit player in the Italian film industry. In his old age, he worked as an apartment doorman and janitor. Walker died in Milan, Italy in 1983. This postcard was published by Dix, a company located in Paris. Apparently, they published a series of portraits of boxers of the day. The Cabinet Card Gallery has another postcard from the series (Pierre Calloir: French Bantam Weight).  SOLD


2020-04-14_145947 bikeman8


This vintage real photo postcard features a well dressed gentleman posing with his bicycle. Although this is a studio photo, the bicyclist looks like he is ready to go for a ride. His attire is such that his lower pant legs are prevented from becoming entangled in the spokes of his bicycle tires. The gent is wearing a bicycle club badge on his cap. A note on the reverse of the postcard states “Osmond Cycle”. The Osmond Cycle Company was located in Birmingham, England. Frederick John Osmond was born in 1867. He was a bicycling super star. He later manufactured bicycles under his own name. He was managing director and works manager of his firm, which employed 120 people. He was a trained engineer who joined the Whitworth Company in Birmingham as the cycle department manager. He began there in 1891 but after being demoted to make room for the owners son, Osmond left and he and his brother opened their own bicycle company. At that point in time, Osmond was a legend in the sport of bicycling. He won his first major title on a tricycle in 1887. He was only a one year veteran in the post at the time of his victory. Three years late, he began riding on two wheels and he dominated the one, five, twenty-five, and 50 mile events. Osmond’s company produced motorcycles between 1902 and 1925. The business was sold in 1911 but maintained the Osmond name until the late 1920’s. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).  (SOLD)

2020-04-14_145406 bikeman3


This action packed postcard features a rugby player getting past the defense and making a score (try). In rugby, a “try” earns moret points (5) than other type of scores. A “try” occurs when a player puts the ball down inside the opposing team’s designated area near the goal. This postcard was published by Raphael Tuck & Sons and is part of the “Oilette ” series (no. 1746). Oilette cards are copies of the work of commissioned artists. This postcard is part of a sub series entitled “Football Incidents”, and the card itself is captioned “A Try”. This rugby image was modeled after a black & white drawing by S. T. Dadd. The postcard was postmarked in 1907, but was issued in 1904. Raphael Tuck and his wife started their photography business in 1866 in London. Their store sold pictures, greeting cards, and in time, postcards. Their success came from the sale of postcards during the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. In the early 1900’s the firm conducted postcard competitions for collectors of Tuck postcards. These competitions offered cash prizes and they were very popular. The winner of one of these competitions had a collection consisting of over twenty-five thousand cards. Three of Tuck’s four sons participated in the business. The company was devastated by German bombing during World War II. In 1959 the company merged with two other printing companies. This postcard is in very condition (see scans).

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