This vintage real photo postcard features the Lum & Abner Jot m Down Store. The business was located in Pine Ridge, Arkansas. Chester “Chet” Lauck (Lum Eddards) (1901-1980) and Norris “Tuffy” Goff (Abner Peabody) (1906-1978) operated the Lum & Abner” comedy radio show. They were the creators, actors, writers, sound effects men, and directors of the program.They received more fan mail than any other radio program of their time. They began as young amateur performers in Mena, Arkansas; the town where they grew up together. The duo entertained at school and civic functions. They were invited to perform at a Hot Springs, Arkansas radio station. They performed their old country storekeepers routine there. They must have shown much talent because they were offered a 13 week contract with NBC and were sponsored by Quaker Oats. The pair’s radio show was founded with an interesting focus. In small towns like Pine Ridge, the general store was the center of activity. The radio show followed fictional residents of the town. Of course, all the characters were played by Lauck and Goff. If you were to travel to Pine Ridge, you would find the Lum “n” Abner Museum and General Store. After entering show business the pair were required to move around and in 1939 they moved to Hollywood to make movies. Between the late 1930’s to the early 1950’s they made seven films. Even during their film careers, Goff and Lauck continued their radio programs. These radio personalities were “big time”. Their sponsors included Quaker Oats, Ford Motors, General Motors, and Alka Seltzer. This postcard has some interesting signage. There is an “Esso” sign and gas pumps. Posted signs advertise Phillip Morris (cigarettes) and Coca Cola. There is also a sign indicating that the store sells fishing bait (minnows). It is interesting to note the contrast of the parked car and the horse drawn wagon. An inscription on the reverse of the postcard indicates that it was purchased in 1955 as a souvenir. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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robbins42020-06-03_101942This vintage real photo postcard features the Robbins General Store in Middleville, New Jersey. The store also served as the town’s post office and as an Esso gas station. Note the two gas pumps in front of the building. A sign indicates that the price of gas was 25 cents a gallon for regular, and 28 cents per gallon for premium. There is an Esso credit card advertising sign on a pole next to the pumps. Some of the store’s merchandise can be seen on the front porch. The items for sale include lawnmowers, garbage cans, and a wagon. The store is housed in a two story wooden structure. I wonder how the second floor was utilized. A man is posed on the porch. He is likely the proprietor of the store (Mr. Robbins?). Victor M. Robbins became the postmaster of Middleville in 1914. Victor had acquired the store in 1903. The store’s building is thought to have been built before 1837. Victor was the postmaster until 1955. Victor was succeeded by his son, Donald A. Robbins who operated the store and post office until 1987. The father and son duo ran the post office for a cumulative 73 years. The Robbins store later housed the  “Robin’s General Store and Country Kitchen” which existed in Middleville until at least 2016. This postcard was published in the 1950’s by the Artvue Post Card Company. The firm was located on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The company was formed in 1948 and produced black & white postcards in the 1950’s despite the popularity of color postcards during that time. The company’s “claim to fame” was that it published postcards picturing plaques of the players that were enshrined in Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. They produced the cards from about 1951 through 1963.      SOLD