This vintage real photo postcard features a portrait of French actress and stage beauty, Andree Megard (1869-1952). She was born in France. Her parents were “well-off peasents” . At some point, her parents sent her to an Aunt to work in the aunt’s dry goods store. At fifteen years of age, she ran away to Paris. At first, she worked  as an artist model. From 1896 to 1925, she appeared on the Paris stage in such works as Shakespeare and plays directed by her husband, Firmin Gemier. In 1913, while playing in Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, she had an affair with Rostand. In 1907, she starred in “Anna Karenina”. In 1909, she appeared in a silent film. Megard was viewed as representing the highest echelon of fashion and beauty.   She was considered “tall, graceful, and distinguished looking”. The international public monitored her hairstyle, and her costumes very closely. She was the subject of many magazine and newspaper articles. The portrait of Miss Megard seen on this postcard was taken by Leopold Reutlinger’s studio in Paris, France. It is part of a series (no.2268). Reutlinger was a very popular celebrity photographer. This vintage postcard portrait is in good condition (see scans).

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