Five women pose for their photographic portrait at the O’Donnell studio in Morris Run, Pennsylvania. The women are all dressed in a uniform that appears to be consistent with the garb of the Salvation Army. However, none of the women seem to be wearing the customary badge that members of the organization usually wear. Comments in regard to whether their band is part to the Salvation Army, would be welcomed. Three of the ladies are holding guitars. The other two may be singers but one  would expect that they would be holding tambourines as is the style in many music themed salvation army cabinet cards. The photographer is likely Stewart J. O’Donnell who is listed in the 1899  Hamilton Township business directory. O’Donnell’s studio was located in Morris Run, which is part of Hamilton Township and Tioga County. The area was known for its coal mining.  (SOLD) 

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lady in costume

A young woman poses with a guitar at the Mcddaugh Studio in Lead, South Dakota. She appears to be an actress or a singer based on her elaborate costume. Preliminary research found little information about photographer E. Mcddaugh. Lead is located in western South Dakota in the Black Hills near the Wyoming border. The city of Lead was founded in 1876 after gold was discovered there. Lead was established as a company town by the Homestake Mining Company. In 1910, Lead was the second largest town in the state (population of 8,382). South Dakota became a state in 1889.This cabinet card was produced after 1889 as indicated by the “S. D.” printed below the image.



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This cabinet card captures five young adults who may be part of a musical group. One of the two woman in the photograph is holding a guitar; and that may be the only evidence that this group was in the business of making music. The men are all wearing derby hats. The woman with the guitar has a flower covered hat on her lap, and the second woman has a basket filled with flowers on her knees. There is also something odd included in the content of this photograph. There appears to be a sheet, or sheets, of paper on the ground between the two woman. Is that white square paper, sheet music, or is it a photographic flaw in the image? The photographer of this cabinet card is J. H. R. Kemp. His studio was located in Luzerne, Pennsylvania and his tenure there included the 1890’s.

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Eureka! This cabinet card is an addition to the rapidly expanding Salvation Army category of the Cabinet Card Gallery. This image is of a three member musical group and three of their musical instruments. The instruments include a portable organ, a guitar and what appears to be, a banjo or another type of string instrument. The band members are in their Salvation Army Uniforms. One gentleman is wearing a badge on the front of his jacket and the second gentleman has a “S” pin on the collar of his jacket. The woman in the band appears to be wearing a badge over the top button of her blouse. The photographer is Spencer McCollister of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.