A woman poses for her portrait at the Lindenmuth Studio in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She likely viewed her self as foremost, a musician. She chose to pose herself, or approved the photographers instructions, to pose sitting and holding her violin and bow. The photographer, Arlington Nelson Lindenmuth (1856-1950) is a noted American landscape and portrait painter. He worked in Allentown which is located in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Baum Circle which was a group of artists who were influenced by the work of Pennsylvania impressionist painter Walter Emerson Baum. Lindenmuth studied painting under Peter Alfred Gross and also in Europe. His paintings were exhibited in Philadelphia and New York City. He also painted a number of murals which still can be seen in a number of Allentown’s buildings. Lindenmuth is also known as one of the pioneer photographers in the Lehigh Valley. He operated a photography studio in Allentown for a number of decades. Interestingly, in addition to running a photography business, Lindenmuth taught art from his photography studio. In 1882 he worked for the Eastman Kodak Company as a traveling salesman. He was a great advocate of art appreciation. He was a proponent for the Allentown Art Museum. One of his sons, Raphael Tod Lindenmuth, had much success as an artist. Below is an example of a painting by Arlington Nelson Lindenmuth. To view other photographs by Lindenmuth, click on the category “Photographer: Lindenmuth”.





allentown man_0003

A handsome well dressed and devilish looking man poses for his portrait at Lindenmuth’s studio which was located at 24 North 6th Street in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He looks terrific in his three piece suit and his well groomed beard and handlebar mustache. Writing on the reverse of the photograph dates the image as being produced in 1899. The photographer of this portrait is primarily known for his work as an artist. Arlington Nelson Lindenmuth (1856-1950) was an American landscape and portrait painter who lived and painted in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania native was a member of the “Baum Circle”., the group of artists either were taught by or influenced by Pennsylvania impressionist painter, Walter Emerson Baum. Lindenmuth was also one of the earliest professional photographers in the Lehigh Valley area. He opened his first studio in Allentown in 1881. Prior to that, he operated studios in  Tamaqua, Philadelphia, and Pottstown. All three cities are in Pennsylvania. As early as 1862, Lindenmuth was also employed as a traveling sales representative for Eastman Kodak. To view other photographs by Lindenmuth, click on the category “Photographer: Lindenmuth”.