TURBAN_0002This cabinet card photograph features a middle aged man dressed in a fraternal robe and turban. It is unknown what fraternal organization his costume represents. To view a collection of other fraternal member photographs, click on the category, “Fraternal Group Members”.  The gentleman in this photograph has a  bold and thick mustache. To see other interesting mustaches, click on the category “Mustaches (Only the Best)”.  The photographer of this portrait produced an exquisite image.  The subject is well posed and the photograph has great clarity. The image was produced by the Hastings studio in Boston, Massachusetts. The studio had a branch in Newport, Rhode Island. George H. Hastings was born in Massachusetts in 1850. He operated a studio (Ritz & Hastings) with Ernest Ferdinand Ritz from sometime in the  1860’s until the 1880’s. He had his own studio from the 1880’s through sometime in the 1890’s.  The 1880 US census finds Hastings living with his brother and mother and working as a photographic artist.


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