This vintage real photo postcard features pretty film actress Lillian Burns (1903-1998). Burns was an American stage actress hailing from Illinois. She is most known for performing in “A  Florida Enchantment” (1914), “The Goddess” (1915), and “The Shop Girl” (1916). She was an acting coach for MGM from 1937 until the early 1960’s. Her filmography includes 41 credits from 1912 through 1916. This photograph was taken by celebrity photographer Lallie Charles (1869-1919). She and her sister, Rita Martin, were the most commercially successful female photographers of their time. The pair were from Ireland. They took photographs of many of celebrities of their era. This photograph was published by Raphael Tuck as part of a series (no.T825). The series was entitled “Celebrities of the Stage”. This postcard is in excellent condition (see scans).


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This vintage real photo postcard features theatre actress, Lydia West. I believe she is British but I am unable to confirm her nationality. In fact, I could find little information about this pretty stage performer. I was able to locate a photograph of Miss West, in costume for her performance in the musical comedy, “Florodoro” (1899). The photo appeared in the theatre magazine, “Play Pictorial”. Research also discovered a Play Program for a play in which West was part of the cast. She played one of twelve butterflies in “My Darling” (1907). The play was co-written by actor, Seymour Hicks, and was produced at the Hicks Theatre. Marie Studholme, a very well known stage actress was in the production. This postcard was published by Rafael Tuck & Sons. The card was part of the “Celebrities of the Stage” series (no. G 1028). The photo studio that produced West’s portrait was Johnston & Hoffmann. The postcard is in fair condition (see scans) and is priced accordingly. Note the bend in the lower right hand corner of the card. This postcard’s postmark reveals that the card was mailed in 1907.   SOLD


This vintage real photo postcard features stage actress Mabel Dark. She is quite pretty and is wearing a dress exposing her bare shoulders. This image was produced by the Dover Street Studios. The postcard was published by Raphael Tuck & Sons and is part of the “Celebrities of the Stage Series (no. T 1141)”. Raphael Tuck and his wife started their photography business in 1866 in London. Their store sold pictures, greeting cards, and in time, postcards. Their success came from the sale of postcards during the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. In the early 1900’s the firm conducted postcard competitions for collectors of Tuck postcards. These competitions offered cash prizes and they were very popular. The winner of one of these competitions had a collection consisting of over twenty-five thousand cards. Three of Tuck’s four sons participated in the business. The company was devastated by German bombing during World War II. In 1959 the company merged with two other printing companies.   SOLD