A lovely couple poses for their portrait in Richmond, Virginia. She is wearing a fancy hat and he is wearing a Bowler and a fancy mustache (click on the category “Mustaches (Only the Best) to view additional extraordinary facial hair). The high collared woman in this image has a pin on her collar, and she is wearing earrings and a thin long necklace. The couple appears to be dressed in their best clothing. The reverse of this photograph identifies this man and woman as being Percy and Loula Clarke. At the time that this picture was taken, this young couple was just starting off their life together. They must have wondered what was ahead for them. Research was able to uncover some of what actually did lie ahead for this young and attractive couple. The 1920 US census found Thomas Percy Clark (1873-1968) and his wife Loula Robertson Clarke (1876-1963) living on their family farm in Namozine, Virginia. Thomas and Loula lived with their five children aged 6 through 19. The nineteen year-old, Lurleen, was a public school teacher. Thomas must have been proud of his educated oldest daughter because he had dropped out of school after completing the seventh grade. By the time that the 1930 census was completed, the Clarke’s had only two children living at home with them in Namozine. The 1940 US census found the couple still living in Namozine. Thomas lived a very long life (96 years). It’s amazing to think that he was born four years after the civil war and died the same year that Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated. He experienced a major portion of US history. Both Thomas and Loula are buried in the Mizpah cemetery in Dimwiddie County, Virginia. The New York Art Gallery, located in Richmond Virginia, produced this excellent cabinet card portrait.


SPANISH LADY_0003This image features a well dressed woman posing for her portrait at the Amadeo studio in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Amadeo’s gallery was located at 19 Calle San Nicolas. The subject of this photograph is unidentified. She is wearing jewelry and a nice hat. Her arms seem to be covered by translucent lace material that resemble stockings, but worn on the arms. It is clear that I need some major assistance from the cabinet card gallery research department (comprised of the site’s visitors) in order to explain the woman’s undersleeves. It is unknown whether the woman in this photograph was a visitor or resident of Palma. Palma de Mallorca is a major city and capital of the province of the Balearic Islands in Spain.

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TOUCH LADIES_0001Four women wearing lovely dark dresses, pose for their portrait at the Walter studio in Manchester, Iowa. The ladies are a bit “touchy-feely” as they assume an affectionate pose. The photographer of this photograph is Harvey L. Walter. “The History of Delaware County, Iowa” (1878) and Langdon Road Photographer Directory both mention Mr. Walter. He was born in 1833 in Ohio and moved “west” in 1853. He married Mary Fuller in 1864 and moved to Manchester in 1871. At one point he was partners in a firm in Manchester called Walter & Weidman. They were active in the 1870’s and 1880’s. Their studio was located on Franklin Street and was above Ford Brothers Store.

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PRETTYCHICAGO_0002A pretty woman poses for her portrait at the S. Adamkiewicz Art Studio in Chicago, Illinois. It appears that Mr Adamkiewicz was in a bit of a hurry when he took this photograph and also when he decided to publish it. The photograph is adversely affected by two factors. The posing position chosen by the photographer, and the unevenness which the bottom of the woman’s blouse sticks out of her skirt, causes the subject to give an appearance of sitting unevenly in her chair. In addition, one of her shoes is peaking out from under the cover of her skirt. I don’t imagine any gold medals would have been awarded to Mr Adamkiewicz for this image. The Chicago Polish Directory (1903) lists Stanley Adamkiewicz as a photographer operating in Chicago at a studio located t the same address listed on the bottom of this photograph.

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BOCKEL_0001This cabinet card features Miss Marie Bockel dressed in costume for her performance in “La Vie”. She was photographed by celebrity photographer Moreno. Moreno’s gallery was located in New York City. To view other photographs by Moreno, click on the category “Photographer: Moreno”. A stamp on the reverse of the image states “Russell Brothers, 126 Tremont Street, Boston”. Miss Bockel’s appearance in La Vie was announced in the New York Times (1884). “La Vie” was H. B. Farnie’s adaptation of Offenbach’s “La Vie Parisenne”. Marie Bockel also appeared in the New York Times (1884) when she appeared with the W. A. Mestayer Company in the performance of “We, Us, and Company of Mud Springs”. The show was described as a “wild musical farce” concerning the establishment of a sanitarium. The newspaper’s review of the show was favorable and it mentions that Miss Bockel sang the soprano parts in some of the quartets “very well”.


EERIE IN ERIEI wanted to utilize a headline for this entry that stated “Eerie Child in Erie” but this child is too adorable to be described as “eerie”. What a shame! It would have been a clever headline. This photograph captures a well dressed child with long rolls of curls and a terrific smile. I believe the child is a boy and he is holding what appears to be a walking stick or a riding crop. This cute child is wearing a short suit and high topped shoes. The photographer is F. J. Weber who operated photography studios from the 1870’s to at least through the 1890’s in Erie. During part of that time, Weber’s firm was called F. J. Weber& Brother. His brother’s name was Charles H. Weber. In their book “The Photographic Experience 1839-1914: Images and Attitudes” (1994), Henisch and Henisch cite Weber & Brother as having a warning printed on the reverse of their CDVs which cautioned people not to use fly-by-night photographers. The warning stated “Do not trust your pictures to be copied by travelling photographer bummers who make great promises and generally deliver very poor work”.

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mendota couple_0001J. W. Clark, a photographer from Mendota, Illinois, produced this lovely portrait of a young couple. The pair are beautifully dressed and are wearing flowers. This photograph is likely their wedding portrait. Note the young man’s striped suit and long coat. In addition, take notice of the beautiful stitching near the hem of the woman dress. J. W. Clark was born in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in 1852. In 1881 he began to operate a photography business, succeeding  J. L. Gurrard.  SOLD

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la crosse

A woman with pursed lips and piercing eyes poses for her portrait at the C. Spettel studio in North La Crosse, Wisconsin. Spettel was located at 720 Rose Street in North La Crosse. Consultation is needed from the cabinet card gallery research department (comprised of informed and expert visitors to the site). Is the subject wearing a scarf wrapped around the top of her dress or is the alleged scarf actually part of her dress? I have not seen many cabinet cards featuring woman wearing similar attire. Research reveals that Clement Spettel (1864-?) learned the business of photography at a young age and started his own business in North La Crosse in 1886. He was soon joined by his brother A. F. Spetel (1866-?). They were in business together from 1887 through 1906.

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BOYS TO MEN_0003This old photograph has seen better days but what a terrific image. The photographer, Clay from Cedar Falls, Iowa, took on a great challenge. It is difficult enough to photograph one dog, but Clay had to photograph two dogs and two young boys. Clay was up for the task and the resulting photograph is a visual treat. The boys in this image are dressed like young men. They are wearing jackets and ties Be sure to note their shoes and their hats. Accompanying the boys are two dogs. One canine looks like an airedale while the other resembles a border collie. Amazingly, both the boys and the dogs are looking directly at the camera.

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This photograph features four uniformed nurses posing for their portrait. The names of the subjects are printed on the reverse of the image. Due to poor penmanship, some of the names are difficult to decipher. the women’s names are Kathryn Truesdell,  Hadyn, Herbert, and Ethel Sheldon. Time spent researching these names was productive. Kathryn Truesdell was listed as a nurse in the 1911 and 1912 Sioux City Directory. In 1911, her employment was listed as Samaritan Hospital. Lonnie Hayden is listed in both the 1910 and 1911 directory and in 1910 she was reported to be a nurse at Samaritan. Delia Herbert was an Illinois native who was identified as a nurse in the 1909 through 1912 directories. She was also employed at Samaritan for at least part of those years. She was 24 years old at the time of the 1910 US census. Ethel Sheldon was Iowa born and listed as a nurse in the 1910 Sioux City directory. The 1910 US census listed her as being 25 years of age. Ethel Sheldon and and Delia Herbert lived together in what was likely a dormitory or boarding house. The photo postcard below presents Samaritan Hospital (1908) as it appeared close to the time that Nurses Truesdell, Hayden, Herbert, and Sheldon were employed there.